Why Not?

Since the world wide web first made it's appearance I have considered creating a "real" web site for myself. It always seemed kind of expensive, not to mention very time-consuming.

Finally, I said to myself, "how can you aspire to be a true member of the digerati and not have a web site."

Now my only regret is not registering McManus while it was still available. Now all I got to do is find the time to fill up this site. Pictures can be a real pain and I have so many.

As always, I value the input of my readers, all three of you. Just kidding. Let me know what I should add. And if you must tell me what to delete. Well, try not to do the latter too often. Just email "me" your comments, if you can't figure out the rest of my email address knowing the first part is "me" and from the domain of this web page, well maybe you should give up on the internet.

Under Construction

Yes, I hate that phrase. But this site really is under construction. The basics are still being put in place. And no, I'm not going to put up a graphics of a guy digging, I really hate those things too.